Maven Plugins

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This is a list of maven plugins I have found useful.

Maven Plugins

  1. maven-compiler-plugin
    • Compiles using the standard location Maven specifies e.g. /src/main/java and /src/main/resources.
    • Compiles using the JDK versions specified.
  2. maven-surefire-plugin
    • The default plugin for running unit tests
    • surefire:test
  3. maven-dependency-plugin
    • To debug or understand a POM and how you get some dependency (transitively)
    • dependency:analyze
    • dependency:tree
  4. maven-jar-plugin
    • Creates a Java Archive (JAR) file from the compiled project classes and resources.
    • Specifies the ‘main class’ to be executed.
    • Helps with composing a custom manifest file.
  5. maven-jetty-plugin
    • Uses an embedded Jetty Servlet container to run your Java web application.
    • jetty:run
  6. maven-war-plugin
    • Creates a Web Archive (WAR) file from the compiled project classes, resources, and web.xml.
  7. maven-deploy-plugin
    • Uploads the project artifacts (JAR, WAR, etc) to the internal remote repository.
  8. maven-resource-plugin
    • Copies both the main and test resources to the output directory.
  9. spring-boot-maven-plugin
    • Collects all the jars on the classpath and builds a single and runnable uber-jar.
    • Provides a built-in dependency resolver that sets the version number to match Spring Boot dependencies.
  10. maven-enforcer-plugin
    • Controls certain environmental constraints such as Maven version, JDK version and OS family.
    • enforcer:enforce executes rules for each project in a multi-project build.
    • enforcer:display-info display the current information as detected by the built-in rules.
  11. docker-maven-plugin
    • Used for building a Docker image in Maven.
  12. cargo-maven2-plugin
    • Designed for configuring, starting, stopping, and deploying applications to a range of supported containers.
  13. maven-assembly-plugin
    • allows you to create your project distribution in zip or tar format
    • assembly:single
  14. jdeb
    • Provides an Ant task and a Maven plugin to create Debian packages from Java builds in a truly cross platform manner.
  15. jaxb2-maven-plugin
    • Generate Java classes from XML Schemas (and optionally binding files) and to create XML Schemas from annotated Java classes.
    • jaxb2:schemagen Creates XML Schema Definition (XSD) file(s) from annotated Java sources.
    • jaxb2:testSchemagen Creates XML Schema Definition (XSD) file(s) from annotated Java test sources.
    • jaxb2:xjc Generates Java sources from XML Schema(s).
    • jaxb2:testXjc Generates Java test sources from XML Schema(s).
  16. maven-shade-plugin
    • Packages the artifact in an uber-jar, including its dependencies and to shade - i.e. rename - the packages of some of the dependencies.
    • shade:shade is bound to the package phase and is used to create a shaded jar.

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